Meranti started working in the design area as an integrator of large European manufacturers solutions for the Romanian projects.
Over time, wanting to be as close as possible to the client / projects to meet the requirements for customization and personalized furniture we developed a production workshop
INDUSTRIAL WORKSHOP as we like to say, which is not deprived of the technological capabilities of a more industrialized factory, but which retains the value of specialized personnel, “craftsmen” details and attention to quality. The Meranti Production team wants to become a landmark in the local and international market for high level custom furniture projects.
At the moment we try the deliver a complete package of highly customized furniture & ready-made items integrated with a high quality of installation & services.

01. Design

Custom design

Every customer is different.
Each project has something special.

02. Creativity

Unique furniture
The furniture will reflect the personality, emphasizing innovation and quality.

03. Team

The most valuable resource