Quality & Uniqueness

In this age of globalization and “quantities” our benchmark is quality, through the materials used, modern technologies and skilled people who can capitalize on these resources in a unique way. The end result combines the skill of craftsmen, materials and technologies used in unique pieces & interiors.

We are Meranti Studio

Performance is achieved by professionals


We are always available to respond to requests for the services we offer

Design 3D

Photo-realistic 3D simulations, which allow the visualization of the space being designed, as it will look "in the future"

Delivery & Assembly

Our teams have extensive experience in production, delivery and assembly. Professionalism, efficiency and respect for the project are guaranteed.

Industrial workshop

We believe in the dialogue between people and the values ​​of our production. The sum / equation of human and productive values ​​is the patrimony of our company. The industrial workshop uses traditional and modern techniques in a symbiosis specific to each project At the center of every project from design to execution is an individual.